3D Digitization of Casa di Nettuno ed Anfitrite, Herculaneum

Digitization of architecture. Restitution of the decors

One of the objectives of the ANR VESUVIA project is to reconstruct the different phases of the architecture and ornatus of some houses of Herculaneum. Among its achievements, the project plans to disseminate some of its methods and results through the realization of a 3D model  of the casa di Nettuno ed Anfitrite of Herculaneum (V, 6-7).

If we take care to respect certain rules of ethics, 3D reconstruction can be a formidable heuristic tool and allows the transmission of results from archaeological and historical activities (cf London Charter). The visual interface that we designed allows to visualize several states of the house. Visible states vary from one room to another, depending on the results we have achieved. It also seemed important to us to be able to propose, if necessary, several hypotheses of restitution, when the gaps are too numerous and that several versions were envisageable.


Moreover, a single click on walls and architectures provides access to archive data


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